USTP CDO Pays Tribute to Pres. Ricardo E. Rotoras on His 1st Death Anniversary

The USTP CDO community, family and friends of Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras paid tribute to the late University President on Monday, December 3, 2018.
Dressed in white, the entire community gathered at the Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras Memorial Hall to remember his life and legacy starting with a holy mass. The commemoration, themed “365: Still Seeking Justice”, was filled with memories of his life as a friend, father and leader.
Several of Pres. Rotoras’ friends and family also paid tribute to the slain University President. Members of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro, USTP System officials, faculty and staff, and Pres. Rotoras’ family, including his wife, brothers and children, were in attendance.

Caption: A year after his death, the University gathers to offer their prayers for justice.

Caption: Gene Rotoras’, Dr. Ricardo Rotoras’ older brother, gives an emotional tribute to his brother, narrating how his death has affected him and the entire family.

Caption: Zarah Lynn Rotoras speaks to the USTP community and thanks them for continuing to fight for the justice of her late husband.

Caption: Pres. Rotoras’ three children were granted scholarships – up to their doctorate degrees in USTP.

Dr. Rotoras was murdered outside his home last year –an incident that has caused public condemnation especially since justice has not yet been served.
Dozens of students gathered outside the USTP CDO campus at night to participate in a prayer rally. Candles were lit and arranged to form the word ‘JUSTICE’, which served as a reminder that justice was still due for the beloved late University President.

Caption: Students light candles outside the campus as they offer prayers for justice.

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