USTP CDO launches two new ICT Centers

Two of USTP Cagayan de Oro’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) centers will be finally be opened. The Data Processing Center and the Center for Instructional Technology, both estimated to cost around 4.5M, provide students with the right equipment, tools and facilities to further their learning.

Data Processing Center

The Center is envisioned to provide support to faculty conducting research and graduate students doing their theses and dissertations. The Center shall serve as the repository of computer software applications that will aid in processing and analyzing data. Specifically, the Center provides opportunity to faculty and graduate students to access statistical, anti-plagiarism, simulation and modeling software; and the use of high-end or powerful computers that are capable of handling and processing big or robust data. The Center will be under the supervision of the ICT Division.

The University mandate states that it shall, “conduct basic, applied, and advanced research in various fields of specialization.” To conduct studies on a higher scale, USTP CDO needs facilities that can accommodate several factors involving research. The new Data Processing Center at the ICT Building can offer students and faculty the appropriate software to polish, complete and extend their research.

This 3.5M center is fully equipped with a number of powerful computers that come with statistical applications and data processing software commonly used in the research world. Students who need help analyzing the data in their studies now have somewhere to go.

Center for Instructional Technology

USTP CDO recognizes that Education owes no age and that Learning has become ubiquitous, i.e., everywhere and anytime, learning takes place. This Center is envisioned to enhance the visibility, participation and contribution of USTP CDO in the educational landscape through this social media platform. This Center will support the Teaching and Learning process through the provision of ICT tools. The Center will assist faculty members to videotape their lectures on particular topics in a confined room equipped with video cameras, lighting facilities, audio facilities, laptops, whiteboard, etc. The videotaped lectures will pass through a quality assurance and control process before it will be uploaded to the USTP CDO Official YouTube channel.
It is stated in the USTP mandate that the University shall “create a seamless environment for research and teaching, as well as experiential learning for the students and faculty.” As an Innovation University, USTP understands that learning cannot stay traditional forever. The 1M Center for Instructional Technology, found within the Data Processing Center, creates instructional material for students. The videos can facilitate learning even outside the classroom.

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