On October 26 to 27, 2018, faculty of USTP Cagayan de Oro participated in a two-day seminar-workshop called “Doing OBE Right”. This seminar-workshop was organized in partnership with Mindanao State University, Spady & Uy Center for Transformational OBE, and REAP. Doing OBE Right highlighted the importance of restructuring the traditional educational system of the Philippines into a more outcome-based learning experience that uses new teaching techniques for curriculum design, instruction and assessment. This event was also attended by faculty of MSU.

Invited to speak were OBE experts Dr. William Spady, the Father of OBE, and Dr. Elias Sampa.

Dr. Spady presents his lecture called “Is Doing OBE Right Education’s “Mission Impossible”?”

Topics discussed during the seminar-workshop included:

  • Doing OBE Right Requires Transcending Our Culture with Dr. Anthony Talamayan
  • Is Doing OBE Right Education’s “Mission Impossible”? with Dr. William Spady
  • Doing OBE Right Depends on Your O and Your B with Dr. William Spady
  • Transforming the Classroom and Lecture Hall by Doing OBE’s Four Principles “Right” with Dr. Elias Sampa
  • How Many Paradigm Shifts Does It Take to Do OBE Right – And How Long Does It Take? With Dr. William Spady
  • Doing OBE Right by Designing and Aligning Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment with Outcomes of Significance with Dr. Elias Sampa

Dr. Sampa gives his lecture on Transforming the Classroom and Lecture Hall by Doing OBE’s Four Principles “Right”

Participants were able to break out into groups during the second day for a more comprehensive discussion with the OBE experts. The following were the lectures given in each group:

  • Doing OBE Right by Using Aligned Assessment Data and Student Results to Restructure Teaching and Learning with Dr. Elias Sampa
  • Doing OBE Right by Transforming and Restructuring University Programs, Scheduling and Courses with Sr. Rosanne Mallillin
  • Doing OBE Right through Life-Performance Outcomes and the “Ten Commitments”: St. Paul College’s Ministry-Wide Initiative with Dr. William Spady

Group discussion with Dr. Spady at the Engineering Building

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