Usaid Stride and Ustp Discuss Next Steps in Partnership

“We want to explore different ways we can expand our partnership,” said Dr. Richard Abernan during the discussion with USTP officials and administration.

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, a team from USAID STRIDE visited the USTP Cagayan de Oro Campus to discuss the next steps in the USTP-STRIDE partnership

Highlighted during the discussion were STRIDE’s recommendations in strengthening their support for USTP’s objectives. This included a conversation on the possibility of improving USTP’s capacity for innovation by imposing industry-facing STRIDE mechanisms, such as Knowledge and Technology Transfer Offices (KTTOs), Career Centers, and Professional Science Masters (PSM) Programs.

Also emphasized during the discussion was USTP’s role in promoting activities that would promote the local industry, which would entail offering new programs and research undertakings geared toward agriculture and food technology. USTP Chancellor Dr. Cabahug mentioned the University’s goal of utilizing their research findings for the benefit of the community, saying that USTP’s existing Innovations and Technological Solutions Office (ITSO) could function alongside the KTTO strategy.

STRIDE responded by saying that they were willing to assist USTP by offering expert services to help set up these mechanisms. In addition, they suggested that USTP take a market-driven approach, which would include building industry partnerships, in regard to the University’s plans to expand in the food technology sector.

USTP CDO’s Career Center was also given recognition during the discussion. STRIDE praised the University’s Career Center, saying that it has become an example for other universities who are establishing their own career centers. The Career Center has already assisted many students in terms of career guidance, job opportunities, and skill building.

STRIDE also recommended that USTP should consider the capabilities of their faculty as they set new goals for the following years. They stressed the importance of capacitating staff, whether it is for the career center or the new PSMs.

Present at the discussion were STRIDE COP Dr. Richard Abernan, STRIDE Deputy COP Ms. Rossana Zetina Beale, Institutionalization Manager Mr. Dominic Barnachea, Convergence Manager Mr. Eric Estolatan, and Communications and Outreach Specialist Ms. Camille Brion.

USTP OIC President Dr. Rosalito Quirino, USTP CDO Chancellor Dr. Ruth G. Cabahug, VP for Finance, Planning and Development Ms. Vanessa Ascaño, other members of the USTP administration, as well as deans and directors, were in attendance.

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