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Mindanao University of Science and Technology

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A. Books

  1. Circulating Books. These are books that can be borrowed for home reading use for a period of one week. The Filipiniana materials are integrated in the collection. However, Filipiniana books and single copies of circulating books that are widely used cannot be borrowed for home use.
  2. Reserved Books. Books that are placed in a separate section by the library and faculty as additional reference materials for specific curricular programs. These can be read only within the library premises.
  3. Reference Materials. These include encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, bibliographies, abstracts, manuals and handbooks. These can be read within the library premises only.

B. Journals, Periodicals and Newspapers
      These include current newspapers, magazines and journals such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippines Free Press, Dissertation Abstracts International and other professional journals. These materials are for inside reading use only.

C. Theses and Dissertations
      Graduate students researches, especially theses and dissertations, are useful resources in the library. They provide samples of descriptive and experimental studies done by the graduate students. These could not be taken out for home reading use. Photocopying of these materials is not allowed. However, if written permission to photocopy some researches is granted by the author to library patrons, the library will oblige with the request.


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