Library and Audiovisual Services

Mindanao University of Science and Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  Being a freshman student of the University, what do I have to present/show when using the Library for the first time?
    • A:  Present/Show to the staff at the Library Entrance the currently activated University ID.

  • Q:  How do I get my library patron account activated?
    • A(For Undergraduate and Engineering/Graduate Library Accounts)
      Go to the 3rd Floor of the LRC building and present your University ID and Certificate of Registration (COR)
            (For E-Library Accounts)
      Go to the 2nd Floor West Wing of the LRC Building and present your Certificate of Registration (COR). Have your account activated by the E-Library staff.

  • Q:  As an Alumnus, how do I continue to have access at the Mindanao University of Science and Technology Library?
    • A:  Alumni are only allowed premises access in the Library and are not allowed to borrow library materials for home reading use. They must first register with the Alumni Office and must present their alumni card at the entrance of the Library before they can enter the premises.

  • Q:  As a regular student or faculty of the University, how can I access the ProQuest Online Databases?
    • A:  You may visit the MUST website and click on the ProQuest link or simply click the ProQuest Journals link at the top of this page.

    NOTE:   If you are prompted for a username and a password on the ProQuest website, you may contact us for more details.

  • Q:  How will I know whether a book or an important library resource is available in the library when I am outside of the school campus?
    • A:  First, log on to the university website at then locate the Library link. Click the Online Public Access Catalog(OPAC) link of the Follett Catalog Software then search for the book.

  • Q:  If I can't consume my 20 E-Library hours in the 1st semester, what will happen to my unused hours?
    • A:  Unused e-library hours will be carried over to your 2nd semester E-Library account but the remaining hours in the 2nd semester will not be added to your account on the following school year.

  • Q:  What should I do if I forgot my E-Library account password?
    • A:  Just approach any of the E-Library staff and he/she will reset your account. You may then log in to your account using your default username and password.