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Mindanao University of Science and Technology



        The Electronic Library (e-Library) is equipped with internet connected computers. It has its own server and independent connection through the Internet Service Providers(ISP). The Facility has a total area of 222-sq meters.
        Students can surf the net, send electronic mail and search information through the different textual and abstract databases available in the E-Library.
         There are four IT staff available to assist the students on their use of the facility. The operation of the E-Library is directly under the Director of the University Library and Audio Visual Services and technically supported by the Head of the Computer Services of the University.

Rules and Regulations

Electronic Library General Policies and Guidelines

  1. Students should have their accounts registered and activated at the E-Library and must use their own account when logging in.
  2. School Identification Card must be presented before using the facility. Students with no proper ID will not be allowed inside.
  3. The use of the E-Library Facility is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. Students are given a maximum of 3 hours per day to use the facility.
  5. One-person-per-PC policy shall be observed strictly in order to maintain order in the use of the E-Library facility.
  6. Non-users or bystanders are not allowed inside.
  7. Silence shall be observed at all times. Loud conversations and rowdy behavior inside the E-Library will not be tolerated.
  8. Chewing of gums and eating/drinking inside the E-Library are not allowed.
  9. Recreational activities like playing games, audio/video streaming, watching anime, reading manga, online chatting and accessing social networking sites are prohibited.
  10. Downloading, installing and running of software other than those already installed on the computer stations are not allowed.
  11. Downloading and accessing/opening of pornographic sites and materials are not allowed.
  12. Illegal/Unlawful activities such as (but not limited to) hacking, deleting of files, changing/tweaking of system configurations/passwords resulting to damage of systems and networks are prohibited.
  13. Users should not tamper with any equipment inside the facility, specially the computer units. In case of hardware/software problems, ask assistance from the staff on duty.
  14. The E-Library staff on duty has the right to request the user to leave the premises if he/she is found to be violating any of these rules.

Resources and Services

      Access full text journals and other scholarly articles on ProQuest's online database.

      Search for books available at the MUST Library using the Online Public Acces Catalog.

      View grades and other student information online.