Library and Audiovisual Services

Mindanao University of Science and Technology

Audiovisual Center



      The Audio Visual Center within its means and financial capability strives to collect all types of Audio Visual materials and equipment necessary to carry on its objectives and provides the much-needed services to the academic community. The following shall form part of the AV Collection:

  1. Motion Picture
  2. Filmstrips
  3. Slides
  4. Audio Recording
    • Open Tape Reel

    • Cassette Tape
    • Disc Record
    • Laser Sound Disc
  5. Video Recordings
    • VHS Cassette
    • Video CD
  6. Graphic Materials
    • Picture
    • Flash Card
    • Poster
    • Flip Chart
    • Painting
  7. Transparencies
  8. 3 Dimensional Materials
    • Diorama
    • Mock-up
    • Model
    • Game
    • Realia
  9. Computer Files
    • CD-ROM
    • Computer Programs
  10. Microforms
    • Microfilms
    • Microfiche
  11. Cartographic Materials
    • Map
    • Globe
    • Plan
    • Diagram


        Various AV services are provided to the academic community in order to support the instructional and curricular programs of the institution. The basic services include the use of the facility and loans of specific AV equipments for student and faculty use in the classroom. Other services include the following:

  1. Video Coverage intended for university and/or academic activities.
  2. Video Reproduction or the copying of videotapes from the same format or from one format to another i.e. VHS to VHS, VHS to VCD, Video 8 to VHS
  3. Audio Reproduction or the copying of one audio cassette to another
  4. Linear and Non-Linear editing of videotapes
  5. Slide Production
  6. Photography Services