Batch 1968

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Last November 5 at Buffalo grills, the MOSAT batch 1968 organized their batch and elected officers who will represent them at MUST Alumni Association. Batch 1968 will soon have its Christmas Party and Induction of Officers on December 6, 2014 at Marvilla Beach, Opol. The elected officers were the following:

President:                       Efipania Durban Labitad

Vice-President:              Jaime Misael Tejano

Secretary:                       Gliceria Abella Bagares

Treasurer:                       Ninfa Tejano Almaquer

Auditor:                          Judith Martin Yanes

Muse:                              Corazon Donas Rosabal

Escort:                            Nicanor Badal

Board of Directors:        Wilben Manacay           Tonny Bautista

Dixon Baconga              Jerry Paraluman

Henry Cabural               Denney Baltazar

Marcial Legazpi

The Alumni Association encourage other batches of Highschool and College graduates to organize themselves and be active in creating a dynamic network of Alumni.

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