Alumni Supports SSC’s Longest Running Program- Leadership Empowerment and Development Series (LEADS) 2014

art leadsIn an effort to reach out the students today, the Alumni Association passed the resolution number 18 series 2014 supporting the Supreme Student Council’s Leadership Empowerment and art leads2Development Series (LEADS) 2014 through providing any resources such as use of office for the leadership sessions and the financial assistance worth Seven Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (Php 7,500.00).

LEADS is the longest running leadership program of the Supreme Student Council. It was founded on 1986 and formerly known as Leadership Training Seminar (LTS). It is a program that trains the students to be a leader in life and to be a responsible citizen.  LEADS will be conducted throughout the academic year in which it holds a leadership session once a week with the official 50 students who were accepted in the leads3
Today, LEADS is the only program which unites the biggest community in the University- the Supreme Student Council, Parents-Teacher Association and Alumni Association.

The Assistant Secretary of Alumni Association Mr. Jason Jay C. Dalman seat as the mentor of the program. The support of Alumni Officers is more than just a partnership because most of the officers were graduate of Leadership Empowerment and Development Seminar or formerly known as Leadership Training Seminar.

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