Building Dynamic Network of Alumni

Efforts have been done to foster the spirit of genuine companionship and cooperation among members. While much of the focus in this year’s officers is on internal governance of the association, building a dynamic network and unified body of alumni was highly considered. The association seeks to reach out the alumni throughout the world and be a venue of its members to return and reminisce its best time in his/her life-College/Highschool years through the activities of the association. The association believes that building a dynamic network of alumni would eventually generate mutual help and assistance among its members.

With the Alumni office that serve as a hub of the alumni activities, hotline number was activated and directories of the graduates were gradually gathered and compiled. All filled-up membership forms were encoded in line with a plan for an automated SMS server that will reach out all stored contact numbers. The forms were properly segregated and labelled. The alumni association also venture the social media to connect with its members throughout the world. Facebook and gmail account was created. A Committee on Local and International Linkages was established with Mr. Jaime Tejano from batch 1968 and Ms. RC Tsini Solis from batch 2014 as the committee chair. Through this, the alumni association believe that a strong unified body of its members will someday be very visible in the atmosphere of urbanized MUST Campus.

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