Strengthening Organizational Structure Through Establishment of Standing Committee
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art standing comitteeAs part of renewing strength in organizational structure, the Board of Directors of Alumni Association established the standing committees through Resolution number 12 series 2014. The Association found this committees as a great help in implementing and extending its activities and services. On August 1, 2014, resolution number 16 was passed approving the appointment of the committee chairman. Prof. Romeo M. De Asis is the Chairman of Committee on Student Affairs; Mr. Dario Manatum and Mrs. Jerelyn Apdian from batch 1990 are the chairmen of Committee on Education; Mrs. Celerina M. Ongcol is the chairman of Committee on Membership; Engr. Erich Abad is the chairman of Committee on Scholarship; Engr. Victor Arceta is the chairman on Committee on Finance and Budget; Engr. Boy Borja and Dr. Saturnina Aberin are the chairmen of Committee on Ways and Means; Prof. Rebecca Salamanca is art standing comittee2the chairman of Committee on Health; Mr. Jaime Tejano from batch 1968 and Ms. Rc Tsini Solis from batch 2014 are the chairmen of Committee on Local and International Linkages.

On September 6, 2014, the Chairmen of the standing Committees took their Oath of Office presided by Alumni Association President Mr. Giovanni Fancubit.

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