Academe-Industry Linkage

The Academe – Industry Relations Office (AIRO), formerly known as the Alumni and Industrial Relations Office, has established academe – industry linkage program in the year 2004.  The formation of the program created strong partnerships between the University and the local, national and international leading industries in microelectronics, semiconductor, electronics, electrical, manufacturing, food processing, chemical processing, construction, transportation and communication and information technology.  It has the objective to identify activities / initiatives for mutual benefit.

The linkage is bounded with a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that both parties, the University and the industry, have reciprocal partnership through industry on-the-job training, recruitment, faculty immersion/development, career industry visitations, professorial chairs, research laboratories, thesis and projects, scholarship grants, testing and consultancy services, professional training programs, seminars, workshops and exhibits and consultative conferences.


Job Search

Job Search provides employment opportunities to graduating students and unemployed graduates in the University.  For the purpose of recruitment efficiency, activities like Job Expo and Campus Hiring is conducted on a regular basis in the campus.  Hiring notices from reputable industries are also posted in designated bulletin boards within the vicinity in the University.

Aside from campus recruitment, students and alumni can also search for job postings through the AIRO University website. Lists of job openings and criteria are posted on the Career Site so students and alumni can have the first-hand information and directly apply to the in-need companies.  They can also electronically upload their resume in the E-Career Portfolio which allows potential recruiters to connect with them for initial screening process.


Collaborative Partnership

AIRO coordinates with the University and the Alumni Association for mutual beneficial relationship.It establishes collaborative partnership with the association for support in the delivery of University’s advancement goals.

The Alumni Association endeavors to foster concern among its members, to strengthen the University’s thrusts and core values, to encourage grants or endowments, to recognize outstanding students and faculty, and to contribute service to the community.

AIRO helps connect with the association through various initiatives, projects, events, activities and community outreach programs.


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