DR. RICARDO E. ROTORAS University System President as of December 1, 2017 Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 170
DR. ROSALITO A. QUIRINO OIC-President, USTP-System/Chancellor (USTP-Claveria Campus), Effective December 2, 2017 Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 171
MR. CLINT DJANGO PACANA Presidential Assistant Mindanao Affairs Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 122
ATTY. JONATHAN S. OCHE Vice President for Administration and Legal Affairs Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 169
MS. VANESSA V. ASCAÑO Vice President for Finance, Planning and Development Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 165
DR. MARIA ELENA L. PAULMA Vice President for Academic Affairs/Chief of Staff, Office of the President Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 170
DR. RUTH G. CABAHUG Chancellor (USTP-CDO Campus) Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 168
DR. CONSORCIO S. NAMOCO JR. Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs (USTP-CDO Campus) Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 110
DR. AMBROSIO B. CULTURA II Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation (USTP- CDO Campus)/ Director, Research Office Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 160
DR. ELIZAR M. ELMUNDO Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (USTP-Claveria Campus) Tel: +63.88.856.1738


DR. HERBERT GLENN P. REYES Presidential Assistant for External Affairs Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 128
DR. RUEL R. CABAHUG Head, Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Development Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 182
MR. MARK DAVE J. CERBITO Head, Executive Committee Secretariat Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 170


DR. RUTH G. CABAHUG Chancellor Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 168
DR. MARIA ANGELES D. HINOSOLANGO Executive Assistant Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 168
MS. VIMA SOCORRO J. TANDOG Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 106
DR. CONSORCIO S. NAMOCO JR Vice Chancellor for Academic And Student Affairs Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 110
DR. AMBROSIO B. CULTURA II Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation/ Director Research Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 160
ENGR. LORY LIZA D. BULAY-OG Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 159
DR. RUVEL J. CUASITO Dean, College of Technology Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 151
DR. DENNIS A. APUAN Dean, College of Science and Mathematics Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 127
ENGR. JOCELYN B. BARBOSA Dean, College of Information Technology and Computing Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 154
DR. OLIVA P. CANENCIA Dean, College of Science and Technology Education Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 105
DR. CHARITO G. ONG University Registrar Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 137
ENGR. MARY ANN E. TELEN Director, Information and Communication Tech. Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 173
MS. ELVA S. MARAMARA Director, Planning and Monitoring Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 108
DR. TITO M. MARIQUIT Director, Human Resource Management Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 120
DR. JENNIFER O. PARCUTILO Director, Admissions and Scholarships Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 125
MS. GRACELY H. HODGE Director, NSTP Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 147
DR. AMPARO V. DINAGSAO Director, Students Affairs Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 114
MR. IVANHOE S. OÑATE Director, Library Services Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 155
MS. REBECCA J. SALAMANCA Director, Arts and Culture Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 125
MR. MANUEL C. PASTER JR. Director, Sports Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 125
*DR. MARIA TERESA M. FAJARDO* Director, Extension and Community Relations Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 167
MS. LERA FAY C. DE LA RAMA Director, Career Center and Industrial Relations Tel:856-6636
MS. CHRISTINA V. MAGLIPONG Director, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 227
DR. RUEL R. CABAHUG Director, Publication Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 182
ATTY. DIONEL O. ALBINA Director, Innovation and Technology Solutions Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 185
MS. MARIA CONSUELO R. DEL CASTILLO Director, Auxillary Services Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 191
MS. MELANIE A. JALOVER Head Procurement Unit Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 164
MS. LYN M. MURALLON Head, Central Records Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 161
MR. ANGELITO A. MACABALE Head, Supply and Property Management Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 135
MR. FELIX V. SAQUILAYAN Head, Building and Grounds Maintenance Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 152
ENGR. ANECITO C. NERI JR. Head, Civil and Sanitary Works Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 172
MR. ERICK C. GUNDRAN Head, Campus Safety & Security and Motor Pool Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 116
MR. ALLAN R. RODOROCIO Head, Mechanical and Electrical Works Unit Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 124
MR. CAMELO C. AUXILIO Head, Inspection Unit Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 124
MS. CHRISTY MARIE V. ALSADO Manager, Food Innovation Center Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 193
ENGR. REUEL C.PALLUGNA Manager, Center for Energy and Environment Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 185
MR. ROMEO M. DE ASIS Manager, Center for Tech. Fabrication and Prototyping Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 111
ENGR. CHRISTOPHER S. DOLINO Manager, Innovation and Technology Support Office Tel: +63.88.856.1738
ENGR. WENDELL D. TALAMPAS Project Leader, Technology Business Incubation Center (Digital Incubation Hub)/CDO B.I.T.E.S Tel: +63.88.856.1738
MS. EDELYN P. BALMEO Manager, Cafeteria Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 158
MS. REMEDIOS T. TAMANG Pollution Control Officer (PCO) Tel: +63.88.856.1738 Local 110