College of Science and Technology Education


 To become a global leader in the professional advancement of educators, public administrators and educational leaders and managers by creating diverse environments that underscore the symbiosis of research teaching, lifelong learning, community service and leadership.



 The College actively promotes the educational, cultural and economic development of the community and beyond through research, productive collaborations, external partnerships and a commitment to teaching excellence.



  1. Excellence in teaching and learning
    1.1  Production of Quality graduates with high employability
  2. Excellence in research and development
    2.1  Active participation of both faculty and students in research endeavors
  3. Effective and sustainable extension activities
  4. Preparation of students to live and work in a culturally diverse world


Core Values


Excellence With God as the greatest master teacher, we commit ourselves to the best that we can beand do by continuously learning and enhancing our skills and developing proper attitudes towardswork and people.
Dedication We are truly devoted to our respective duties.
Unselfishness We serve the needs and interest of others first.
Competitiveness We advocate competitive undertakings in learning and teaching for excellence.
Accountability We are responsible, committed in training and mentoring students and its clients.
Transparency We endeavor to make every activity open and known by all people concerned.
Initiativeness We promote self-reliance; ingenuity and resourcefulness in its search for meansto carry out its programs
Openness We encourage consultative processes to arrive at informed decision
Nurturing We value the opportunity to develop the potential of every individual our diversity


Objectives of the College

  • To provide both theoretical and practical training to educational leaders at all levels of the system on the rudiments of educational management of institutions;
  • To serve as training ground for would-be leaders holding middle level management positions in educational institutions to become effective Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Chief Operations Officers (COOs).
  • To produce high-level professional educational managers of higher education and technical-vocational institutions;
  • To produce highly motivated and skilled educational researchers at the higher education and technical-vocational levels; and
  • To produce basic education teachers, technical-vocational teachers, industrial consultants and industrial trainors.


For further inquiries, please get in touch with:

Dean, College of Science and Technology Education
University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines
Lapasan Highway
Cagayan de Oro City
Telephone Numbers:
(088)-857-1739 local 105
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